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Asphalt Emulsifying Equipment

The asphalt emulsifying equipment, also called emulsified asphalt equipment, is used for producing emulsified asphalt. The asphalt emulsifying equipment was produced with intelligent and humanized features.

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The asphalt emulsifying equipment, also called emulsified asphalt equipment, is used for producing emulsified asphalt. The asphalt emulsifying equipment was produced with intelligent and humanized features. It has three heat conduction types including oil heating type, burner heating type, and electric heating type. Users can select asphalt emulsifying equipment according to their own existing conditions.

Equipment performance:



Type of producing emulsified asphalt

30-65% common emulsified asphalt,

emulsified SBS modified asphalt (with solid content less than 40%)

30-65% modified emulsified asphalt (SBR mixing type)

Production capacity

3-6T/h (yield is 4-6 tons/h when solid content is below 40%; 3-4 tons/h when solid content is above 45%)

Emulsion fineness

Less than 5μm when above 85%


1.The equipment is of assembled type, easy to move, simple and direct in operation, and low in investment.

2.We focus on details, and there will be no pipeline blocking or liquid leakage.

3.For the emulsifier, the emulsion flow parts are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, causing a long life span of equipment.

Main Products

We can produce emulsified asphalt for applications such as tack coat, prime coat spraying, slurry seal, cold-mix asphalt, cold recycling, etc. with high production and construction requirements.

Equipment Characteristics

I. Control Part:

The asphalt emulsifying equipment adopts an intelligent control system, which has the functions of manual control of "oil-water ratio", yield, start-stop of all motors, and protection.

The main components adopted by automatic control of oil-water ratio: Asphalt flowmeter, emulsion flowmeter, frequency converter, flow totalizer, etc. Control principle: The operator adjusts the speed of the corresponding frequency converter by observing the instantaneous flow rate of emulsion and asphalt to make the "oil-water ratio" meet the production requirements of the customers.

II. Core Component - Emulsifier

The JM180-L asphalt emulsifier is a specially customized emulsifier that is adopted by our company. The machine increases the grinding times, with the emulsification fineness of the product less than 5μm, and stainless steel accounting for more than 90%. After treatment of special process, it has the features which are corrosion resistant, energy saving, a sound emulsification effect and a long service life span.

III. Measurement Part:

The flowmeter is used in the measurement of asphalt and emulsion, and the signal is telecommuted to the central control box, transmitting the real-time flow data of the asphalt and the emulsion to an intelligent flowmeter, and displaying the real-time flow. In this way, we achieve precise measurement.

IV. Process Pipeline

The asphalt emulsion is equipped with pressure and temperature instruments to monitor the production state, and the asphalt pipeline has tracing heat in the whole process and has asphalt filtration and circulation functions. The emulsion can be recycled, transferred, and then reheated. The asphalt emulsion will not have the phenomenon of liquid leakage. The capacity of the emulsion mixing tank is 1.8m³, and the two emulsion mixing tanks can be used alternatively to achieve the purpose of continuous production. The tanks are all made of 304 stainless steel, and all emulsion flow pipelines are made of PPC or stainless steel, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of the emulsion and increase its service life span.

V. Emulsifier Dilution tank and Emulsifier Dilution Pump

The emulsifier dilution tank is made of 304 stainless steel, and the emulsifier dilution pump is a stainless steel pump. Both of them have strong resistance to corrosion. Put the emulsifier in the tank and dilute it with a hand mixer. There is a filter screen at the bottom of the tank. The emulsifier diluted for the first time is sent to the mixing tank through the emulsifier dilution pump for the second stirring, and the emulsifier can be fully diluted into the water after the second stirring, which increases the emulsifying effectiveness of the emulsified asphalt.