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25 2022-07

How to make use of emulsified asphalt equipment to improve the properties of the modified asphalt and performance

In the highway maintenance, how to make use of emulsified asphalt equipment to improve the properties of the modified asphalt and performance. Modified emulsified asphalt as a new kind of highway asphalt pavement maintenance material, people's attention. The types of asphalt modifie

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16 2021-11

Precautions for use of asphalt stripping equipment

Before operation, check whether the construction requirements, surrounding safety facilities, asphalt storage capacity, operation parts of asphalt stripping equipment, instruments, asphalt pumps and other working devices are normal. They can be used normally only if there is no fault.

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11 2021-11

What are the disadvantages of the bitumen tank at the temperature control levelb

With the rapid development of road construction and manufacturing industry, modified emulsified asphalt equipment has also been widely used, but many people's mastery of asphalt heating tank and asphalt storage tank only depends on road engineering.

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01 2021-11

The extensive application of barreled asphalt in road construction has led to the birth of asphalt decanting equipment.

Barreled asphalt is a form of packaging, storage, and transportation of asphalt materials for road use. Asphalt is in a solid state at normal temperature. It should be removed from the barrel during road construction, and heated to 140 ~ 160X: the use temperature, supplied to the mixing equipment, or heated to iio ~ i2 (rc) and ···

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30 2021-10

Configuration and safety operation instructions of emulsion bitumen plant

The modified emulsion bitumen plant produced by our company is widely used in the construction of national roads in China due to its superior practical value. DX-YD1-12 mobile emulsion bitumen plant is specially designed to reduce material transportation for road construction, especially high-grade road construction. The develop···

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