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Shandong Duxiu Road Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Duxiu) was founded in 2016. Its predecessor was Wucheng Bosite Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2008. Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the concept of  "Technology, Process Innovation, Professionalism, and Focus on Quality" to create a well-known brand in the bitumen deep processing industry.

We can supply bitumen heating and storage, bitumen deep processing, and small-scale road maintenance equipment, three series of more than ten varieties of products in terms of road construction and maintenance.

Our products mainly including:

1.Bitumen heating storage tanks of different volumes,

2. Various types of emulsified asphalt equipment,

3.Polymer modified asphalt equipment,

4. Crack filling machines,

5. Slotting machines and other small maintenance equipment.

Our products spread throughout  the domestic market in China and used in many centrally-affiliated enterprises,for example local highways and transportation units like CREC, China Communications Construction Company Limited and China State Construction Engineering Corporation.  Moreover, our company also has expanded to the Asian, African, Latin American and other international markets like Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Guatemala and has received positive feeback from international customers. We hope our products be good tool for your success. 

At the beginning of the establishment of Duxiu, it has been strengthening its talent team by introducing talented people with high payment and investing a huge sum in introducing equipment, so that Duxiu would be the champion in the bitumen deep processing industry.  

Talents: our company introduces excellent graduates from relevant academies every year through the local talent introduction center, and seeks industry elites at the same time. At present, it has 12 talents in terms of road traffic, polymer materials, chemical engineering, machinery, and automation control, of whom over 90% have bachelor degree or above. All the 32 technical workers in the workshop have vocational qualifications or special operation ability.

Equipment: our company has spent huge sums of money in purchasing CNC laser cutting machines, CNC punch presses, automatic argon arc welding machines, automatic carbon dioxide welding machines and other numerical control and automatic processing equipment to ensure the processing accuracy, quality, and speed of the equipment. According to the equipment characteristics of the asphalt deep processing industry, our technicians make a number of tools by themselves, which are simple, practical, efficient, and beautiful in terms of pipe insulation and the production of heating coils.

Currently, our company integrates equipment, materials, technology, and experimental product technologies to solve many problems in the road repair and maintenance process for users and provide high-efficiency, low-input, high-quality road construction technologies, and solutions. The company's technological achievements will lead the development direction of the world's asphalt pavement equipment and materials.