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SBS Asphalt Emulsifying Equipment

The SBS asphalt emulsifying equipment is a set of equipment mainly for emulsified SBS modified asphalt. Nowadays high viscosity emulsified asphalt or emulsified SBS modified asphalt has been used in more and more tack coats.

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The SBS asphalt emulsifying equipment is a set of equipment mainly for emulsified SBS modified asphalt. Nowadays high viscosity emulsified asphalt or emulsified SBS modified asphalt has been used in more and more tack coats. This set of emulsified modified asphalt equipment is specially designed for this process, and other medium emulsified asphalt can also be produced by it.

1. Water heating system

The production water is taken from the circulating pool and is heated for the second time in the water heating system.

① An automatic control system is used for water heating, and the water temperature is controlled by a pneumatic valve to meet the process temperature.

② An level gauge is used to keep the water at a specific level.

A temperature control and level holding system is used to make the production water supply always available.

2. Asphalt heating transfer system

The system adopts a double tank alternating mode, with one tank for production and one tank for preparation. Both tanks use a temperature control system.

3. Emulsion configuration system

This part is divided into 4 units.

① Hot water adding unit. This unit uses an electromagnetic flowmeter to measure before entering the emulsion mixing tank to accurately measure the addition of hot water.

② Emulsifier adding unit. The precondition of using this unit is that the emulsifier as a pump can absorb liquid that is diluted by liquid or water in advance. Place the emulsifier on a weighing platform, and pump the emulsifier to the mixing tank with a high suction pump.

③ Hydrochloric acid adding system. The hydrochloric acid is mainly used in the mixing of emulsified asphalt in the plant, but hydrochloric acid is also a kind of highly corrosive dangerous goods. Considering the safety of the operator and the needs of the process, the addition system also adopts automatic weighing and automatic adding.

④ Emulsion tank level control

This part is installed outside the tank for site display and remote transmission. The liquid level is used to control batching and output signals.

⑤ The PH online monitoring system controls the PH of emulsion in a real-time and accurate manner to avoid production failure.

⑥ Latex automatic addition system (optional)

The frequency conversion technology is used for the addition of emulsifier and hydrochloric acid, to avoid any inaccuracy caused by high-speed stop of the pump and impact of the weighing system, so as to guarantee that the addition is within a certain error range.

4. Emulsion storage tank

The entry of emulsion into the mixing tank is controlled by liquid level.

5. Main material supply pump

① For the asphalt pump, the product of the drafting unit for the standards of domestic asphalt pumps is adopted, and pump of this type is the standard configuration for the domestic asphalt conveying.

② For emulsion pump, the product of share A listed company is adopted, to guarantee that the quality and after-sales are free of worry.

6. Measurement part:

The flowmeter is used in the measurement of asphalt and emulsion, and the signal is telecommuted to the central control box, transmitting the real-time flow data of the asphalt and the emulsion to an industrial computer PLC, to make the PLC accurately adjust the speed of asphalt and emulsion pumps to control the flow of asphalt and emulsion, so as to achieve an accurate ratio of solid content.

7. Emulsifier

A high shear emulsifier is used, which is specially manufactured by our company after surveying and mapping the S300 of BWS company. 

① The stator and rotor structure increases the shearing path, thus increasing the shearing times. The emulsification fineness of the product is less than 5μm, accounting for 90% and above.

② The material is 316L stainless steel, which is treated by special process, wear and corrosion resistant, and energy-saving, with a sound emulsification effect and a long service life.

③ For the mechanical seal, the inner mechanical seal is combined with the outer mechanical seal, which can withstand greater back pressure, preparing for the emulsified SBS modified asphalt and the rear-end enlarged area heat exchanger.

8. Finished product cooling system

The modified emulsified asphalt finished product cooling system is a standard configuration for the production of high-quality, high-content emulsified asphalt. According to the characteristics of emulsified asphalt materials, we make improvements on the basis of the original standard plate heat exchanger, which is more suitable for cooling with emulsified asphalt.

We also install the overpressure protection function.