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Bitumen Drum Decanter

The de-bucketing chamber pipes are arranged in "Pin" type, which is better than other manufacturers' heating area by more than 2 times.

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 Equipment principle

1. Hydraulic overturning barrel feeding device

①Use a forklift to place the bucket on the unit. As shown in Figure 1

②The device uses the downward movement of the two-way hydraulic cylinder to turn over the oil barrel. As shown in Figure 2

③Push the bucket to the bucket removal chamber with the upward movement. As shown in Figure 3


2.Principle of de- bucketing chamber

①After the oil drum enters the de- bucketing chamber, the opening is downward and the heat-conducting oil heat pipe uses radiation to heat the outer wall of the drum and convection to heat the air around the drum. The solid inside the oil drum becomes viscous liquid after being heated and flows to the melting chamber.

②One end of the de- bucketing chamber is continuously pushed into the bucket, and then the bucket is pushed back, and then the bucket is pushed back until the back end is pushed out.


3、Melting chamber

After the viscous liquid enters the melting chamber, the flue gas pipe directly contacts the liquid for heat exchange. After heating the liquid to the pumping viscosity, it can be pumped out.

4、Pump set

The pump set adopts high-viscosity three screw pump, and after cooperating with the heat preservation three-way valve, it can complete the functions of pumping out, circulating, taking oil at high level and clearing the tank at low level, etc.

5、Hydraulic pump station

The hydraulic pump station adopts motor-driven hydraulic pump to provide power source to the cylinder.

Equipment advantages 

1、The only domestic manufacturer that completes the bucket turning and bucket feeding at one time, the single bucket feeding time is within 30s, other manufacturers complete a bucket feeding cycle are more than 2 minutes.

2、Mechanical flipping oil bucket instead of manual flipping oil bucket, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Video viewing https://haokan.baidu.com/v?vid=17635673652052570427&pd=bjh&fr=bjhauthor&type=video

3、The equipment adopts the combination of pipe support and plate strength support to avoid the obstacle support perpendicular to the direction of the bucket

4、The de-bucketing chamber pipes are arranged in "Pin" type, which is better than other manufacturers' heating area by more than 2 times.

5、Heat-conducting oil pipe as a guide to accelerate the melting of block asphalt

6、The pump set has the function of internal circulation to optimize the heat transfer coefficient and enhance the melting speed.

7、The electrical operating system adopts manual two ways.

8、Adopt double hydraulic pump, the speed of hydraulic cylinder is adjustable according to actual needs.

9、All kinds of accessories are made of first-class Chinese manufacturers