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Emulsified asphalt tester

Main parameters of emulsified asphalt equipment testing machine

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The main parameters of emulsified asphalt equipment tester are as follows:

Motor power: 1.5KW (optional explosion-proof) Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, (or as required by customer)

Rotation speed: 2840rpm, (frequency converter can be configured additionally for speed regulation) Linear speed: 14.8m/s

Hopper capacity: 3.4L. Processing capacity: 0.8Kg (as per water) Contact material: 304 (316L customizable). Medium viscosity: ≤2000cp

Clearance adjustment method: Manual

Dimensions: Length 610, width 300, and height 490, Weight: 25kg

The main characteristics of small emulsified asphalt equipment tester are as follows:

● Integrated dispersing with grinding, one machine for multiple purposes.

● There is no dead angle in the grinding circulation, with internal and external circulating paths. 

● Multi-layer annular teeth, with high frequency of shearing and impact on materials.

● Narrow radial flow design, with good fineness, and the flow is greater than the axial narrow flow.

● Triangle ring gear, with high strength of tooth body.

● Stable operation and low noise.

● Convenient cleaning, and easy assembly/disassembly.